Clip-on floor tiles distributed by TRM Garage, RACEDECK quality

TRM GARAGE is the exclusive importer / distributor for France of the American brand RaceDeck, world leader in floor tiles and garage floor coverings for individuals and professionals.

RaceDeck is guaranteed for 20 years, withstands 40 tons of pressure per m2, is designed to transform your garage into an exceptional place, not in a few days but in a few hours with its patented tile fixing system!


No tools are required for installation, no mess or toxic fumes from coatings and epoxies.

Resistant to impacts, tire marks, oils, coolant and brake fluids, antifreeze, diesel or gasoline, solvents, acetone, and household cleaning products, our RaceDeck tiles ® are comfortable everywhere.

In addition to their resistance, they also play the role of thermal insulation (Diamond model) and damping mat.

Choose from 8 styles and 14 colors and even opt for bespoke finishes, such as logos, and create the garage you've always dreamed of.

In addition, the different models offered, Diamond, FreeFlow, CircleTrac, Tuffshield, RaceDeck® Pro and RaceDeck® XL, are all interchangeable so you can customize your garage floor to your taste and style.


  • Withstands up to 40 tons of pressure per m2 and allows the evacuation of air and mold

  • Allows you to cover a slab in poor condition, without having to make any leveling.

  • Compatibility between all RaceDeck tiles, which allows you to mix styles for a personalized and functional floor

  • Installs in 1 day and does not require moving the contents of the garage

  • No specific tool for installation

  • Allows color schemes to draw checkerboards, hallways or vehicle locations

  • Resists hydrocarbons and humidity

  • Invisible and unclip fittings if necessary, change only one tile if necessary

  • No sticking, no chemicals, no odor. Does not require sanding or slab preparation

  • No drying time

  • Available in 14 colors: Black, White, Graphite, Stainless steel, Red, Espresso, Orange, Beige, Yellow, Khaki, Sublime Green, Royal blue, Purple. Other custom colors are also available

  • Each classic slab is 30.50 cm x 30.50 cm and 1.30 cm thick

  • Each XL slab is 45.70 cm x 45.70 cm, and 1.30 cm thick

  • Borders available for your entrances

  • 20 year warranty

  • RaceDeck has been made in the USA for over 30 years and has been proven around the world! Longevity guaranteed!

    Before installation:

  • Prepare well the layout / grid of the installation to avoid losses

  • Prepare your garage before installation (painting walls, coating ceilings, plumbing, etc.)

  • Do not hesitate to ask us for an estimate for the installation in the event of complicated surfaces (glazed commercial surface, difference in level, pit covering, numerous cutouts and furniture, constraint of a different nature, adjoining room, etc.)


With passion, We have been designing, producing and installing tailor-made garage and workshop fittings, for individuals and professionals since 2010.
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