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Cabinet for washing machine / dryer– AMBG02

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  • The ideal laundry room cabinet, its great height (2 m) allows you to use all the space under the ceiling and organize the room.
  • 1 sliding drawer bin on bearings, in the center, allows you to store your detergents and other products, thanks to its side shelves. On either side of this drawer-box, there are two storage cabinets with hinged doors and two shelves, at adjustable height, which can accommodate heavy loads.
  • Under the drawer-tray and the two cabinets, there is, over the entire width of the cabinet, a fully retractable sliding tray that allows you to put a basket of laundry or simply to benefit from an additional work surface.
  • An efficient organization for more day-to-day facilities.

  • double
  • tiroir
  • tablette

Reference AMBG02
Weight 137 kg
Dimensions (Lx P x H) 130 x 52 x 200 cm
Package dimensions

(1/2) 134 x 80 x 20 cm

(2/2) 208 x 57 x 16 cm



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